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Ancient Stadium

Monte Smith Hill dominates the city of Rhodes.

Its old name is the Hill of Agios Stefanos and here was the Ancient Acropolis of Rhodes.

In the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, visitors have the opportunity to admire the Temple of Apollo and the ruins of the ancient stadium of Rhodes. Some parts of it still exist today.

In the archeological park, which is housed in a natural depression, the Stadium is preserved, which is also known as the Stadium of Diagoras, a work of the Hellenistic period of the 3rd or 2nd c. BC, where the sports games of Alia were held, the great celebration of the ancient Rhodians in honor of the god Helios. The celebration included in addition to sports, music and equestrian competitions with the participation of women. The prize for the winners was a wreath of poplar leaves.

It has a length of 200m and a width of 35m. Its stands are amphitheatrically built. At the ends of the track there is the starting line and the finish on the opposite side. Northwest of the stadium is a small marble theater, while in the surrounding area there are various archaeological finds, such as the ruins of a large building, tombs and part of the temple of Pythian Apollo, the patron saint of the city of Rhodes.

Today, the ancient stadium of Diagoras is in very good condition, after the repairs that were made, first by the Italians and then by the archaeological service of Rhodes. Thus, thousands of tourists and locals visit it every year either to admire it up close, or to watch some of the events that take place there.